Monday, February 18, 2019

February 11-16

February 11

I found a new way to organize my to-do lists on this app on my phone and it's kind of giving me life. When you can look forward to specific joys such as morning coffee and listening to twenty one pilots, it makes Monday a whole lot better.

February 12

Ended the night with Harry Potter with the fam and a bit of red velvet ice cream. Learning how vital it is to carve out rest for myself in my day to day, especially when life is changing so fast.

February 13

I made a new friend today. Sometimes it's the little things like that that really carry you through.

February 14

"I love you, red hooded sweatshirt."

February 15

Friday mood: The barista in our college cafe whistling the theme to Jurassic Park.

February 16

Fill my days with Kinfolk magazine, sunshine, garage sales, lattes, running, laughter, photography, my parents, blogging, blankets, cold weather, peace, exploration, Vans and ripped jeans.


  1. Yay for new friends!! And ohmygosh I am drooling over the idea of red velvet ice cream.

    1. Oh my gosh, the red velvet ice cream was TOO GOOD. <3