Monday, September 24, 2018

September 16-19

September 16

My family and I stayed up talking about life and the past and talked about Halloween costumes for this year. I love to say that I ended the day with laughter.

September 17

"One time I tried to take 18 credit hours and work full-time. I dropped every class but bowling." - My father

September 18

I unplugged on Friday of last week and spent basically the whole weekend in an offline world, which was really wonderful.

September 19

Consistently amazed, surprised and overjoyed at what the Lord is doing in my life. Confused, sometimes, too, but knowing it's all for His glory. Today I learned about how He engraves us upon His hands. He hasn't forgotten us. And I got a run this morning and a tea at my favorite coffee shop and work bled into sushi and a Bible study. Already 25 has been such a rich year. 


  1. Your dad seems like had his priorities straight. Bowling is important. :D

    1. Haha he totally did! I didn't even know you could take a bowling class in college until he said that lol.