Sunday, January 27, 2019

January 12-27

It's a longer post than usual, my friends. Grab a coffee or hot cocoa and settle in. 

January 12

On the topic of coffee, it is wonderful. On the topic of tea, also wonderful. I can, indeed, confirm that $11 does buy happiness, or, at least, a couple of refreshing drinks in a hipster environment.

January 13

Fun fact, what would it be like to dye (part of) my hair blue? Like, bright blue? What about a nose piercing? WHAT SAY YOU? I don't know, I've never dyed my hair before. And maybe I never will. But blue, though.

January 14

A Monday that didn't know it was a Monday. The best kind!

January 16

Didn't write yesterday, oh well. "Wherever you stand, be the soul of that place." - Rumi

January 17

Ran 3+ miles tonight under the stars and I really needed it. Super refreshing!

January 18

The day I drove off with my coffee mug still on the roof of my car. RIP. (Gone, but not forgotten.)

January 19

I woke up with a song in my head and haven't even left bed yet. Going to transcribe the melody.

January 20

Dad is reading the Harry Potter series for the first time and he randomly busts out with laughter and comments about how large Hagrid is and how mean Uncle Vernon is and it's kind of my favorite thing!

January 21

Went back to the place in the forest that felt like a dream. Staring up as the pines breathed back their thanks to God.

January 22

A lot of little blessings today and another fun run, feeling really into running again.

January 23

Was taken hostage by a late-night craving for mac and cheese yesterday so had to #MakeItHappen for today's dinner. Cuz sometimes, ya just gotta.

January 24

"That Neville kid can't keep track of his toad. Come on." - A quality update from my father, whilst reading the Harry Potter series for the first time

January 26

RIP Jan. 25, never to be written about in Ye Olde Journal. The highlight of the day was most definitely getting 2 books, 4 magazines and 1 album for $2.50 at the library book sale.

January 27

It happens faster than you expect and almost overnight. This is what it feels like, I tell myself. Write this down. Remember now so you can look back.

I just have to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to read these silly little updates. When I started this blog back in September, I was very nervous about sharing candid thoughts, but it has become something I truly enjoy and knowing that I will be posting them pushes me to be more creative about remembering each day. So thanks to you for reading! I really feel blessed that anyone would take the time. 


  1. I'VE GOT COFFEE. (had to say that before reading the post) 11 dollars (or any dollars) towards tea and coffee brings a smile to my face.

    I've wanted to dye my hair with lavender highlights for so long but I never have touched my hair with color. And a nose ring. YES. me too! Same style.

    Jan. 27
    Aw my sister sits at the table with grapefruit and Harry Potter gasping at anything exciting in the book. I've laughed at her giggles, smiles, jumps, and excited squeals for months it feels like.

    1. YES! Haha that actually makes me smile so much that you came equipped ready to read this post! :) I literally never used to be a coffee/tea person but over the past few years something changed and now it is EVERYTHING to me. lol :D <3

      Oh my goodness, Vanessa, that would look so awesome! I'm glad you can relate! I feel like hair dye and piercings are things I've sorta wanted for a while but I'm not exactly the bravest so I don't know if I'd ever actually do it. Maybe one day!

      I love that! Also the combo of grapefruit with any type of reading is exquisite. :) There's nothing like seeing someone reading a book you love and getting to watch them fall in love with it, too!!

      Thanks so much for commenting, it means a lot. <3

  2. Heck yeah coffee.

    Also GIRL, YOU RAN 3 MILES??? I'm glad it was refreshing for you because I'm pretty sure I would be face down on the cement after 5 minutes. XD

    Your dad reading Harry Potter sounds like the funniest thing ever.

    1. YES give it up for coffee!! :) <3

      Haha yes, I love running, though admittedly at a glacial pace most days LOL. Oh there have definitely been some face-meets-cement running days for me haha!!

      It is literally giving me so much joy because he is constantly making little comments haha. Thanks so much for commenting, Evangeline! I hope the rest of your January is fantastic. :)