Friday, January 11, 2019

December 31-January 11

Note: This is what the notebook I write these daily entries in looks like! She was given to me as a gift for my birthday and remains nameless. Do people even name their journals? I DIGRESS.

December 31

Couldn't be more blessed as we enter a new year. Every hard moment has led me to the forthcoming newness of 2019, and it's EXCITING. In a way, I feel like the new year started for me back in September when I turned 25. Since then, things have been different, and in a good way.

January 1

This evening on a walk I heard someone blasting "Love Train" on stereo speakers inside their house, and I couldn't sum up my vision for the new year more.

January 2

Haven't sang with the sister in so long but we picked up a song with my dad [on] piano and had a mini jam session. I forgot how full it makes me feel, the life it brings to a house at 10 at night. If I could bottle it, it wouldn't come close to the real thing.

January 3

What I'm really ready for is that feeling of Friday morning and knowing Saturday is the next day and that no matter what, the day ends in a weekend.

January 6

Haven't written in a few days but that's because I've been so tired and enjoying these early 2019 days. I feel exceedingly grateful for the month/year I've had already.

January 7

Song of the Day: "Spoonful" by Grizfolk. DANG!

January 8

Today I realized just how much I need to rest. So much has happened already in 2019, exciting stuff, but I need to rest up. I thought about how my word for this month on my blog is Nourishment and how I need to nourish my body to be able to rest, recharge and properly enjoy each day. I feel I could say more, might post about this for NOURISH, but I may sleep instead.

January 9

Song in My Head: "99" by Barns Courtney.

January 11

Didn't write yesterday. Today, overheard from a little girl irate in the park: "It's just another place I have to go." Same, girl, same. #HermitsForLife


  1. The 25 Project is so peaceful and lovely to read after I've just woken up. I love it. <3

    1. You are the bomb, Evangeline! :) Seriously, your words are so sweet. Thank you so much! <3

  2. jam sessions are the literal best

    1. Dude, I could not agree more! They fill my heart with joy. <3 :)