Thursday, October 4, 2018

September 29-October 3

September 29

It's the kind of morning where mist envelops everywhere and the trees stretch up to the sun and I'm wide awake, it's morning.

September 30

Last day of September, which seems incredible. Though it's not anywhere close to sweater weather yet, and I wish it was, I'm excited for October. Markets and pumpkins and Halloween are some of my favorite things. Bring that autumn weather.

October 1

Sometimes the Lord answers prayer instantly. Even if it's not always the answers we want, it's good to see His faithfulness.

October 2

Sometimes I wonder if the Lord is going to provide for me, but I know He is.

Side Note: I found it hilarious and so very human that part of my October 1 entry was so uplifted, while October 2 was so skeptical. OH DEAR.

October 3

When your fun plans turn to anxiety, you go out for pie.

Side Note: It was pumpkin pie. 🎃


  1. October 1st and October 2nd are kind of what I'm trapped between right now. It's like a spiritual Groundhog Day. XD

    1. LOL your description is RIGHT ON POINT! That's where I'm at right now, too!!

  2. "When your fun plans turn to anxiety, you go out for pie."

    ^life motto, tbh.

  3. I hope the pie was outstanding <3