Tuesday, November 20, 2018

October 29-November 1

October 29

Kaylie bought me a Slytherin tie for my Halloween costume and it completes the look, yo. I can't wait for Halloween, it is one of my favorite holidays, and I get to wear combat boots to the office!

October 30

Daisy came over and we watched the original Psycho and WOW that movie freaks me out but it's such a masterpiece. Hitchcock's a genius.

October 31

Fun day as a Slytherin student in combat boots at work. A lot of my co-workers dressed up, which made me smile. So many sweet neighbors came out around nightfall and their kids were all dressed up and one girl was a Slytherin, too, and she was like 12 and no lie we totes bonded. Just said "totes" but don't even care, it's Halloween, son. I am out of control.

November 1 

Already I just know today is going to be epic. I feel amazing things for November. 



    I hope November has been full of amazing things for you so far.

    1. You are the best!!

      Honestly, it really has. I hope that your November has been rad. And that you a lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow! :)