Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November 20-25

November 20

I need to stop staying up so late reading Mindy Kaling and Lena Dunham's books of personal essays. BUT THEY'RE SO GOOD THO

November 21

Today a lady bug landed on me and I helped it back outside to its (presumably) plant home. I am currently in the throes of Thanksgiving anticipation and all I really want to do is watch the parade in my fuzzy socks.

Side Note: I feel like my fuzzy socks are becoming a recurring theme around here. 

November 22

I am feeling the cravings to have my own home.

November 23

Grateful for the friends who have hung around. The secret in your twenties that nobody seems to tell you is that everyone will grow up, and sometimes, grow apart. People get married and move out of state, or change themselves all together. And that's tough. But that makes the friends you keep all the sweeter. The ones who keep in touch, even sporadically, and who you know you could call if anything happened.

November 24

I feel sort of crazy sometimes about [my] novel, it's sort of making me insane. I am developing a twitch. JK about the twitch. But I might. You just never know.

November 25

Yesterday Kaylie and I watched Boy Meets World for a couple of hours and it was kind of the best. I need more Cory and Topanga and Shawn Hunter in my life. 


  1. November 23, the most accurate thing I've heard today. Being 21 I too am starting to see people grow apart. I've done some of it myself. Isn't easy.

    1. It's definitely difficult! It's just one of those things about growing up that you don't really see coming. It makes sense - People have to move, grow up, change. But it makes the memories so bittersweet.

  2. Yeah November 23rd kinda hit me hard because I'm in a similar boat, just in the lonely side still, but I'll get to acceptance soon.

    YASSSS Boy Meets World is the best.

    1. I can totally relate! There is definitely a lot of life change that happens in young adulthood that I somehow just never saw coming. You're not the only one going through this!

      Oh my word it's seriously one of my favorite shows. Absolutely adore it!