Monday, December 24, 2018

December 17-22

December 17

In the new year, I want to be all about instruments, movement. Writing my blog posts in a notebook and then transferring them. I want to listen to podcasts on my walk breaks and on the way to work. I think good things are in store.

December 18

A Happy Erin (A Guide):
  • Writes
  • Podcasts and walks and drives
  • Prays for others
  • Runs!!!
  • Unplugs by 7 pm
  • Is content with what she has

December 19

I think now that the year is winding down I'm getting semi-anxious at the prospect of free time. Very tired. But Christmas is almost here!

December 20

I can't believe it's 5 days until Christmas. Today kicked off my vacation so I'm stoked. I've been listening to a lot of podcasts, and most of them discuss writing, so I'm inspired. I hope this break is full of all the peace I need to stay creative, compassionate, motivated for the new year.

December 21

Got coffee with Jordo, K and Daisy and had real, gritty, genuine convo. Kay and I went out after to pick up a few more gifts and later went to the park and the library. Fun was had!

December 22

Got to catch up with Sophie today at the coffee shop. We had such great conversation and I've missed her.