Sunday, December 16, 2018

December 9-16

December 9

A lazy day after a busy weekend. Mumford and Sons' "Delta" is the jam.

December 10

Had a really awesome day because I started it with a lot of prayer on the ride to work, which helps replace anxiety.

December 12 

OMW I forgot to write yesterday. Like at all. I am overwhelmed. I need a quiet place in the woods where all I say all day is hello to the coffee shop barista. That is all.

December 14

OMW I forgot to write again. I've had a lot on my mind so it's ironic. But even though I've been thinking a lot and doing a lot, I'm grateful because tonight I got to go to an Anberlin concert with my sister and my best friend.

December 15

Woke up tired after the concert but relieved to be able to sleep in and drink coffee and write and wear my new Anberlin sweatshirt. It's one of those days where I read blogs and feel so inspired by the beyond-sweet blogging community and marvel at all these wonderful creators and writers who get it, all around the country and even the world. It lights me up, I love it.

December 16

Sleepy this a.m., but still made it out to church. One of those services that makes your eyes well up and realize how good God is. Looking forward to 2019 and how the Lord might use me. So grateful for grace and the reminder that we can't (and don't have to) do it on our own.

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